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Vancouver Exrpressive Arts therapy Program home: now accepting applications.

Our Program

Vancouver Expressive Arts offers a comprehensive training program for individuals who want to pursue a career in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Courses are scheduled as monthly intensive long weekends, so that students are able to maintain their personal and working life commitments.

Our training is suitable for those who wish to obtain a graduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy or for those who wish a continuing education experience that provides qualifications that combine with a previous graduate degree. 

The training includes experiential discovery through the arts, the study of the theory and philosophy of practice, and the engagement of the methods of arts based therapy, through field work and reflective practice.  Students are encouraged to apply their learning in a range of fields such as, expressive arts therapy, education, health and wellness, community organizations, community service, social action, consultation and the arts. 

Our program offers a unique perspective that fosters the understanding of theory, principles and practices that support social change and social action.  Students are encouraged to incorporate expressive arts learning into community and cultural development in local and global settings.


Vancouver Exrpressive Arts therapy Program home: now accepting applications.

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